Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Berryessa Community of San Jose

This small portion of San Jose in the foothills of North Valley here lies Penitencia Creek Park with a lake most people don't know about this wonderful comunity where many people take evening strolls in the park, Alum Rock Park boasts hiking trails, Sierra Road the raceway for the Bicyclists once a year. Come on out and see what you are missing. Also distinguished Schools and a community Center for activities for all ages.
I am a well known Realtor in this community, also awarded from the Jr. League of San Jose for Compassion in Action and Girl Scouts for Outstanding Volunteer.
If you need a Realtor, my past clients could tell you there is only one person you need to remember.
Denise Stuart


A quick question before I go....
What do you like most/Least about your last Real Estate Experience?
Have a great day and hope to see you back, there will be new questions and answers, I promise!

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